Our Research

Berkeley Lab’s Global Cooling Efficiency Program conducts technology and policy-relevant research on cooling efficiency in order to:

  • Maximize the energy, climate, monetary and public health benefits by improving energy efficiency in tandem with the refrigerant transition under the Montreal Protocol while minimizing the costs
  • ​Mitigate the negative impacts of the large expected future increase in cooling demand due to various drivers such as increasing urbanization, electrification, income growth, and rising incidence and severity of heat waves
  • Expand access to cooling for underserved populations to increase community resilience.

On left, Research Scientist Nihar Shah at the Energy Efficiency Workshop

​We work with various manufacturing partners, Montreal Protocol implementing agencies, governments and civil society organisations to deploy affordable, eco-friendly cooling technology and conduct technical research to enable relevant cooling policy.

While this effort is currently focussed on space cooling equipment, Berkeley Lab plans to expand this effort to other types of cooling equipment as well.

Research Areas